Research & Development

Research & Development

Our R & D Activities are carried out by a team of skilled experts and dedicated scientists who are engaged in developing new routes of synthesis (non-infringing process) to synthesize intermediates and API’s by applying green chemistry principles. Expertise in impurity profiling and novel polymorph screening's Expertise in Analytical Method Development and Method validations Technology transfer experts in Gram scale, Kilo-scale and large scale production. Documentation and Regulatory support for query responses.

Quality Management System & Safety

Quality Management System & Safety

We committed to Deliver Quality Products to Customers, meeting (or) exceeding the expectations consistently in terms of Specifications, Delivery, Technical Support, Regulatory Compliance and Competitiveness.

Continually improve the Procedures, Processes, Technologies, Infrastructure and the Quality of Products manufactured. Provide continuous training to all personnel responsible for Quality related activities. Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationship with Vendors, Customers and enrich the Quality of Life of all employees.

We have established an independent, strict and sound quality management system, delivered by the two executive organs: QA and QC. QA is responsible for the establishing and improving of quality system. QC is equipped with advanced equipments, such as LC-MS, HPLC, GC, KF, etc…and professional analysts, which enable the accurate analysis of products.

We strictly comply with relative EHS regulations. Create a safe, healthy and clean working environment to realize the sustainable development of our company

Manufacturing Facility


Research & Development

20,000M² complex includes process development (kilo lab), pilot and production, isolation, drying, milling and packaging, QC laboratories,  closed system equipment for the production of high potency (hipo) apis (including oncology apis), utilities and services, water purification (RO), water treatment units, tank farms , raw material and API warehouses.

Total glass-lined and stainless steel reactor capacity with support equipment such as centrifuges, closed-system centrifuges, nutsche filter/dryers,isolators, double-cone dryers, vacuum dryers, mills, micronizers,  nano-particle production equipment (ppt method), and blenders

Contract manufacturing of antibiotics and anti-cancer API in A dedicated closed system facility.

Extensive water treatment facility.

Consistently lower levels of  bod and cod of effluent water than those required by the environmental protection organization.

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